It is Wellman Furnaces policy to assemble and test the equipment prior to shipment.

Manufacture Collage

Goods and component parts are inspected and booked in on arrival and full traceability maintained until the furnace is shipped out.

The furnace and related equipment is assembled by a team of experienced and multi-skilled craftsmen under the supervision of the Assembly Shop Manager. 

As completion of the mechanical build approaches, the above teams are augmented by Wellman electricians, who install the control panels and wiring. On completion of the build, and after inspection, Wellman commissioning engineers commission the plant as far as possible before delivery to the site. In this way, any improvements can be carried out before delivery. Customers are encouraged to attend during commissioning at our facility.

Once pre-delivery testing is complete, the equipment is stripped down as necessary for shipment and packed. Wellman recommends using its craftsmen and engineers to re-install the plant and to complete acceptance trials.

All activities are carried out in accordance with Almor Ltd operating procedures and in compliance with ISO 9001:2008.


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